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Advanced Fiction Workshop

ENGL 115.601
M 6-8:40

This workshop is designed for those who are working on both long and short works of fiction and is ideally suited for special projects like the novel, novella, and story collections, as well as for revision and retackling of completed drafts.  The course centers on fiction produced by workshop members, both finished pieces and works-in-progress.  Critique/discussion of style, structure, storyline, character development, use of dialogue and problems of craft as they arise in individual works is the prevailing method.  Conferences for one-on-one discussion are encouraged and can be arranged on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Writing ability and experience are the primary requirements, and a short sample should be submitted to the instructor.  The class is open to a limited number of undergraduates who have had English 112 or a similar fiction writing course.  (Samples must be submitted by November 12; students will be informed about permits by December 14.  The requirement deadline does not apply to CGS students.) Manuscripts should be left in the English Department, 119 Bennett Hall.  Please include name, SS#, undergraduate class or post-graduate status, and telephone number where you can be reached. Permission from instructor only.          

Note: Students wishing to major in English *and* "concentrate" in Creative Writing should contact Greg Djanikian (

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