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Advanced Fiction Writing

ENGL 115.301
R 2-5

An intensive, individualized writing workshop, tailored to students who are committed to developing their and willing to
undertake ambitious projects in fiction.  Writers may work in any genre or length:  short stories, the novella, novels, juvenile fiction and genre fiction are all acceptable.  Requirements and deadlines will be flexible, but writers should expect to produce at least thirty-five pages of well-crafted (this usually means revised imaginative prose.  Peer criticism and individual conferences provide guidance toward the direction revision should take, though the author is always the ultimate judge of whether and how to revise.  Pre-requisites:  Sample of imaginative narrative AND either an A in English 112 or a letter of recommendation from an instructor.  (Enrollment limited to 15.)

Note: Students wishing to major in English *and* "concentrate" in Creative Writing should contact Greg Djanikian (

fulfills requirements