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Major British Poets (Part 2)

ENGL 202.302
MWF 10

As we sample a wide range of poets from every era of British poetry after the Restoration, we shall give particular attention to changing fashions in form, diction, and subject matter.  To learn how poetic meter and form work, students will produce a series of verse exercises, one in heroic couplets, one a sonnet, one in some other fixed form.  These will be graded only after their authors have revised them as often as they wish.  Class participation, two short critical responses to poems, and a final examination will, with the verse exercises, determine grades.

Note: Majors seeking to fulfill the usual English 202 requirement in alternate way may to so with *two* courses dealing with British poetry of the three periods covered by 202: 18th-century or "Augustan" poetry; Romantic and/or early 19th-century poetry; Victorian poetry and/or early-modern British poetry. This substitution must be approved by your English faculty advisor and/or the Undergraduate Chair. English 202 is generally not to be counted within the concentration; exceptions can be--and are often--granted by request.

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