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Adorno & Literary Theory--Cancelled cancelled

ENGL 590.402
also offered as: COML 559, PHIL 551
Wednesdays 2-5:00 pm

 Theodor W. Adorno consistently developed his cultural and social theory in close
engagement with works of art. In this seminar, we will focus on Adorno’s
theoretical reflections on art (especially literature) as well as his
interpretations of literary texts. We take a closer look at (a) his reflections
concerning literary form, (b) his fundamental reflections on the relationship
between literature and society, and (c) his specific interpretations of
literature – including his famous interpretations of Goethe, Hölderlin,
Eichendorff, and Hebbel. (Discussion and readings in English)


This course is being taught by:  Carlos Spoerhase


fulfills requirements