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Transitional Objects: Between Old and New Media

ENGL 569.401

D. N. Rodowick has argued that the digital arts “are the most radical instance yet of an old Cartesian dream: the best representations are the most immaterial ones because they seen to free the mind from the body and the world of substance.” In this seminar, we will explore new media in relation to cinema, photography, and related forms of visual representation. We will examine the fate of materiality, the body, the world of substance, and the experience of duration in twenty-first century forms of media, and consider whether or not the digital represents a significant break from the analog. Texts by D. W. Winnicott, Gilles Deleuze, and others; film and media works by Paul Chan, Jeremy Blake, Ryan Trecartin, and others.

The primary cross-listing for this course is CINE501:401

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