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Women's Cinema and World Cinema

ENGL 760.401
M 2-5


The primary course number for this course is CINE600:401. Graduates will need permission from the instructor or the CINE Dept. coordinator before registering for this course.

 The concept of women’s cinema, with its ambiguities--by women, or for women? popular or feminist?—has been debated within feminist film scholarship for three decades. The concept of world cinema—curricular component, brand, or transnational formation?–is currently undergoing an intensified interrogation. With a focus on films directed by women—art film, “national-popular” films, documentary, shorts, and indie features, this course looks at female authorship, festival and arthouse programming, national identity, human rights, and feminist scholarship and politics as discourses and practices that shape the intersection of women’s cinema and world cinema at the current moment.


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