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Theatre and Deception in the Renaissance

ENGL 540.401
crosslisted as: COML540, ITAL540
T 1:30-3:30


In Renaissance courts life acquires a theatrical character. The courtier moves on a stage that conditions his behavior and discourse. How does the extraordinary rebirth of comic theater connect to this wide-spread theatricalization of courtly life? 1) From sacred to profane theater. 2) Performances and translations of Plautus. 3) Italian, English and European tradition: from Aretino to Shakespeare. 4) The comic character of sixteenthy-century dialogues 5) Satyrs, shepherds, gods, and the birth of melodrama. The course will be conducted in English.

The primary listing for this course is ITAL540:401. Gradautes will need permission from the ITAL Dept. Coordinator before registering for this course.