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Films Based on Pearl Buck Novels

Films Based on Pearl Buck Novels

Several of Pearl Buck's novels were made into films, including The Good Earth and Dragon Seed; both are available on videocassette. The comments here are taken from Steven H. Scheuer's Movies on TV and Videocassette (Bantam Books).


  • The Good Earth (1937). Paul Muni, Luise Rainer. Pearl Buck's great novel of famine, plague and the fight for survival in China is one of the greatest films Hollywood ever made. Both Muni and Rainer give faultless portrayals in this still wonderful film. (Dir: Sidney Franklin.)


  • Dragon Seed (1942). Katharine Hepburn, Walter Huston, Agnes Moorehead, Akim Tamiroff. Occasionally gripping adaptation of Pearl Buck's novel about the impact of the Japanese invasion on a small Chinese community. (Dirs: Jack Conway, Harold S. Bucquet.)

Buck's stories "China Flight," "The Big Wave," and "Satan Never Sleeps," were also adapted as films.