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Intersections Conference Papers

Panel Titles (with downloadable papers)

Scenes of Labor and Instruction
Shana Russel (Rutgers): The Intellectual Promised Land
Lavelle Porter (CUNY): Japanese By Spring
Sarah Nicolazzo (UPenn): A Crosscultural Vagabondage
Jang Wook Huh (Columbia): Mississippi Masala

Formal Bodies: Poetics and Race in the 20th Century
Ashley Chang (UPenn): Primitivism and Jazz Poetry
Jos Lavery (UPenn): The Haiku as Convalescence
Sarah Dowling (UPenn): If The Subject Is A Preposition

Conflicting Loyalties: Citizenship, Belonging, and Ethics in Comparative Race Studies (Faculty)

Solidarity vs. Stereotype: Afro-Asian Connections in 20th Century Literature and History
Mina Itabashi (Swarthmore): Asian, Not Asian Americans(updated November 16, 2011)
Chris Noble (UPenn): Afroasian Solidarity

The Uses of Hip Hop: Race, Identity, and Politics
Ruben Campos (University of Hawaii): Critical Hip Hop Studies
Mark Villegas (UC Irvine): Moreno in the Hip Hop Cypher
Katharina Motyl (Free University Berlin): Breaking Poems
Elliott Powell (NYU): I Don't Really Know What She's Saying

Contested Belongings: Performance of Bi-Racial and Bi-National Identity
Laura Soderberg (UPenn): The Orientalist Accumulations of Helga Crane
Omari Weekes (UPenn): Black Cultural Citizenship and Bi Raciality
Monika Bhagat-Kennedy (UPenn): The Cosmopolitan Outsider

Miscegenating Diasporas: Afro-Asian Intimacies in the Caribbean
Marina Bilbija (UPenn): Diaspora Doubtful
Tasia Milton (Rutgers): Reading the Space of Desire in Patricia Powell