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Michael Gamer

Associate Professor of English

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Fisher-Bennett Hall 336

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On leave 2015-16.

Michael Gamer is author of Romanticism and the Gothic: Genre, Reception, and Canon Formation (Cambridge, 2000) and currently at work on two books: Recollections in Tranquility: The Romantic Art of Self-Canonization, 1765-1832; and A History of British Theatre: Staged Conflicts, under contract with Blackwell Publishing. He is Associate Editor of the journal EIR: Essays in Romanticism and editor of Horace Walpole's Castle of Otranto (Penguin, 2002) and Charlotte Smith's Manon L'Escaut and the Romance of Real Life (Pickering and Chatto, 2005). He works on collaboration and is fond of collaborative work, including The Broadview Anthology of Romantic Drama (edited with Jeffrey Cox, 2003) and Lyrical Ballads 1798 and 1800 (with Dahlia Porter, 2008). Essays on poetic collections, gender and performance, the novel, pornography, print culture, authorship, and dramas of spectacle have appeared in MLQ, PMLA, Novel, ELH, Nineteenth-Century Contexts, Studies in Romanticism, and other journals. Written with Terry Robinson, "Mary Robinson and the Dramatic Art of the Comeback" won the Nineteenth-Century Studies Association 2010 prize for best article. He is recipient of the Ira Abrams, Lindback, College of General Studies, David Delaura, and Alan Filreis awards for distinguished teaching.


Courses Taught

summer 2015

ENGL 101.950 Jane Austen

spring 2015

spring 2014

ENGL 800.301 Pedagogy

fall 2013

ENGL 250.301 The Romantic Book

summer 2012

ENGL 101.950 Jane Austen

spring 2012

ENGL 050.001 Romantic Revolutions

fall 2011

ENGL 350.301 The Romantic Book

summer 2010

spring 2010

ENGL 551.401 The Global 1790's
ENGL 566.640 Literature and the Law

fall 2009

ENGL 800.301 Pedagogy

fall 2008

ENGL 250.301 The Romantic Book

fall 2007

ENGL 760.301 National Tales

summer 2006

fall 2005

summer 2005

spring 2005

ENGL 299.307 Shakespeare on Trial
ENGL 801.301 Pedagogy

fall 2004

summer 2004

spring 2004

ENGL 299.001 Jane Austen
ENGL 801.301 Pedagogy

summer 2003

spring 2003

ENGL 299.001 Early British Novel

fall 2002

ENGL 299.001 The British Novel

summer 2002

spring 2002

ENGL 311.301 The Honors Program

fall 2001

spring 2001

ENGL 050.001 Romantic Poets
ENGL 299.001 Gothic Novel
ENGL 311.301 The Honors Program

fall 2000

summer 2000

ENGL 060.950 Novel Urban Spectacles

fall 1998

summer 1998

fall 1997

ENGL 202.302 Major British Poets

summer 1997

fall 1996

ENGL 202.305 Major British Poets

spring 1996

ENGL 050.001 Romantic Poets

fall 1995

spring 1995

ENGL 299.004 Studies in Wordsworth