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English Alumni Mentors

Welcome to English Alumni Mentor Database.

With the help of the Penn Alumni Office, we maintain an up-to-date database of interested alumni who majored in English while at Penn. These alums have volunteered as career advisors for our current majors. You can search by profession, geographical region or state, or year of graduation. All our alumni mentors have volunteered because they want to meet you and to help you by answering your questions about their current jobs and their career paths. All you have to do is find the ones who work in fields that interest you, and contact them.

For some initial contact ideas, see our FAQ: List of Questions You Might Ask.

Before you begin, do follow these rules of courtesy:

  • Please don't ask an alum for a job; that's not why they're here. They are here to talk with you about their professional fields, and to answer your questions.
  • If you contact alumni by phone, ask whether now is a convenient time to speak, or whether you could set up a better time?
  • Be polite. Be Personable. Have a real conversation. Do not grill the alum.
  • Remember that you are speaking to a real person who is volunteering valuable time and expertise for free.
  • Say thank you -- every time.