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Whitney Trettien

Assistant Professor of English

Fisher-Bennett Hall 317

Office Hours

fall 2017

M/W 2-3pm

Whitney Trettien researches the history of the book and other text technologies from print to digital, taking a particular interest in how women used books in the early modern period. Her work is invested in using the past to better understand the present and often makes/breaks digital technologies to communicate historical knowledge.

Her forthcoming book Cut/Copy/Paste — published in print and digital form through the Manifold Scholarship imprint of University of Minnesota Press — tracks the use of fragmented texts across three early modern "makerspaces," using visualizations to resituate the field of bibliography in relation to media studies. She has published on textile metaphors in Isabella Whitney, print-on-demand publishing, and digital humanities, and has co-edited Provoke!, a web-based collection of sonic scholarship. (A print companion on digital sound studies is forthcoming from Duke University Press.) She is also the co-editor and co-designer of thresholds, an occasional digital journal for creative/critical scholarship, reimagined. 

Trettien received her PhD from Duke University and has an MS in Comparative Media Studies from MIT. 

Articles and Book Chapters

Courses Taught

spring 2018

ENGL 208.301 Digital Lives of Books  
ENGL 505.402 Digital Humanities  

fall 2017