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Wendy Steiner

Richard L. Fisher Professor of English

Wendy Steiner is the Richard L. Fisher Professor of English.

Trained at McGill (B.A.) and Yale (Ph.D.), Dr. Steiner teaches 20-21st-century literature and critical theory, and specializes in interrelations between visual and verbal art. Among her many books are The Scandal of Pleasure: Art in an Age of Fundamentalism (among the "NY Times 100 Best Books of 1996"), Venus in Exile: The Rejection of Beauty in 20th-Century Art (2001), and The Real Real Thing: The Model in the Mirror of Art (2010). Dr. Steiner has received awards from the Guggenheim and Mellon Foundations among others, and her cultural reviews have appeared widely in U. S. and British periodicals, including the New York Times and the London Review of Books.  At Penn, she has served as Chair of the English Department, Founding Director of the Penn Humanities Forum, Master of Modern Languages College House, and director of the King's College Program in London.  She also writes opera librettos, one of which, The Loathly Lady, had its premiere at Irvine Auditorium in 2009.


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ENGL 104.401 The 20th Century
ENGL 295.301 Adaptation

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ENGL 591.401 The Model

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ENGL 571.401 Literary Theory

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ENGL 016.301 Topics in Literature

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ENGL 201.306 Major British Writers

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ENGL 104.001 The Twentieth Century

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ENGL 104.001 The Twentieth Century

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ENGL 010.001 Great Novels