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Vikrant Dadawala

Vikrant Dadawala

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Vikrant Dadawala is a doctoral candidate in English and Cinema Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in postcolonial studies, world literature, and world cinema. His dissertation project, The Decades of Disillusionment: India and the World 1960-1980, is a study of moha bhang ['broken love', 'disillusionment'] in modern Indian literature and cinema in Hindi and English. His work places Indian texts in dialogue with a wide range of transnational phenomena: from Allen Ginsberg’s global celebrity status to the evolution of the Maoist prison memoir, from the agrarian “Green Revolution” to the cinematic revolutions of French New Wave cinema and Latin American Third Cinema. Other broad fields of interest include: science fiction, South African literature, the global Cold War, and nonfiction cinema. 

Prior to coming to Penn, Vikrant received a M.A in Development Studies from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (India), and worked as a news reporter in Mumbai. At Penn, Vikrant has been the co-ordinator of the Latitudes graduate working group (2016-17) and has served as funding librarian for the Graduate English Association (2017-18). He is currently a Critical Speaking Fellow at the Penn Communication Within the Curriculum (CWiC) center. 

Courses Taught

fall 2020

summer 2020

ENGL 104.920 The Twentieth Century  

spring 2019

spring 2017