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Suzana Berger

Suzana Berger

Instructor: August Wilson & Beyond; Teaching Performing Arts for Cross-Cultural Education


Suzana Berger is a theatre artist, educator, and community partnership builder devoted to vivid physical performance, creating new work that explores social issues imaginatively for audiences of all ages, and using stories to connect those who previously thought they had nothing in common. She is co-founder and Artistic Director of Dragon's Eye Theatre, which partners with Philadelphia community spaces that are not typically performance venues to create original, interactive plays inspired by and performed in those spaces.

Courses Taught

fall 2019

ENGL 380.401 August Wilson and Beyond  

fall 2018

ENGL 380.401 August Wilson and Beyond  

fall 2016

ENGL 280.401 August Wilson  

fall 2015

fall 2014

ENGL 276.401 August Wilson