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Emily Steiner

Associate Professor of English

Fisher-Bennett Hall 312

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spring 2015

On Leave 

Emily Steiner received her BA from Brown University and her PhD from Yale. She is the author of Documentary Culture and the Making of Medieval English Literature (Cambridge University Press, 2003) and has co-edited a collection of essays called The Letter of the Law: Legal Practice and Literary Production in Medieval England (Cornell University Press, 2002). Her forthcoming book, Reading 'Piers Plowman'  will be published by Cambridge University Press in 2013. She has published essays in The Yearbook of Langland Studies, New Medieval Literatures, Studies in the Age of Chaucer, and Representations, among other journals. She is presently working on a new book on medieval macrogenres (encyclopedias, universal histories, etc.), starring the fourteenth-century prose translator, John Trevisa. Her research interests extend to Lollard literature, medieval drama and ritual performance, and Jewish-Christian relations in the Middle Ages. Her teaching interests also include Old English literature, Chaucer, and poetry of all periods.


Courses Taught

fall 2015

summer 2015

ENGL 421.940 Medieval Worlds

spring 2014

ENGL 218.301 Beowulf

fall 2013

ENGL 016.302 Medieval Worlds
ENGL 524.301 Piers Plowman

summer 2013

spring 2013

fall 2012

ENGL 524.301 Medieval Performances

summer 2012

spring 2012

ENGL 020.301 Literature Before 1660
ENGL 221.401 Medieval Performances

spring 2011

ENGL 018.001 Old English

fall 2010

ENGL 025.001 Chaucer at Large
ENGL 524.401 Piers Plowman

spring 2009

spring 2008

ENGL 218.301 Beowulf
ENGL 701.301 Piers Plowman

spring 2007

summer 2005

ENGL 524.940 Medieval Performances

spring 2005

ENGL 311.301 The Honors Program

fall 2004

ENGL 321.301 Medieval Authorship
ENGL 701.401 Piers Plowman

spring 2004

fall 2003

ENGL 501.301 Old English

spring 2002

fall 2001

ENGL 025.001 Chaucer
ENGL 715.301 Medieval Performances

spring 2001

ENGL 018.001 Old English
ENGL 225.301 Medieval Performances

fall 2000

ENGL 701.401 Piers Plowman

spring 2000

ENGL 018.001 Old English
ENGL 225.301 Topics in Chaucer

fall 1999