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Devin William Daniels

Devin William Daniels



  • M.A., English, University of Pennsylvania (2018)
  • B.A., English and Philosophy with Honors in English, Penn State University (2011)

Devin William Daniels is a Ph.D candidate in the Department of English at the University of Pennsylvania. His work draws on the tools of political economy, media theory, and critical data studies to examine 20th-century U.S. literature and film. His dissertation, "Informatics of State: The Novel and the Technologies of Administration," considers how the U.S. novel has understood, depicted, and engaged with the information systems and technologies of administration through which the state comes to "know," define, and interface with its populace and citizenry. Through a close examination of the U.S. novel, from the New Deal to the 1970s, he aims to produce new insights into the history of the twinned projects of U.S. welfare and security.

His other interests include science-fiction, economic thought and finance, bureaucracy, and the theory of the novel. Off the clock, he plays guitar in the post-punk band Recognitions, rides bicycles, and watches too much NBA (#TrustTheProcess).

Courses Taught

fall 2019