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Daniel Davies



M.A. English, the University of Pennsylvania (2014)

M.A. (Hons) English Literature, the University of Edinburgh (2012) 

My research centers on late-medieval European literature and the sprawling series of conflicts now known as the Hundred Years War (1337-1453). The multilingual literatures of Scotland, England, and France are my main focus, and my dissertation explores how writers represented and grappled with the new complexities and horrors of international warfare. Beyond this, I am interested in classical reception (and organize an ad hoc reading group on Lucan in the Middle Ages and medieval epic), the history of material texts, imprisonment and incarceration (from Boethius to the present) and literary methodology. Concerning this final interest, in April 2016 I co-organized a conference, Method and the Middle English Text, with colleagues from UC-Berkeley and UVA. During the Fall semester of 2016 I concducted research in the UK as the graduate assistant for the Penn English Program in London. In 2016-17, I was co-cordinator with Mariah Min of the Medieval-Renaissance Seminar.

Courses Taught

spring 2017

spring 2015

ENGL 104.405 The Twentieth Century