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Clyde de Loache Ryals

Clyde de Loache Ryals

Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


Gerald V. O’Flaherty "The Victorian Religious Novel"


Gertrude [node:field_people_middlename] McBride Eaton "The Religious Writings of Matthew Arnold as Continuing Expressions of Matthew Arnold, the Critic"
Kim [node:field_people_middlename] Melnikoff "An Edition of the Correspondence of Wm. Michael Rossetti and Mackenzie Bell "
Charles A Russell "The Poems of John Clare"
Erwin [node:field_people_middlename] Schawacker "The Narrator-Persona of the Novels of Anthony Trollope"


Randolph [node:field_people_middlename] Bufano "The Critical Reputation of Lord Macaulay Since 1830, Together With an Annotated Bibliography"
Karen B Mann "The Presentation of Moral Growth and Education in the Novels of George Eliot"
Brian L Mihm "George Meredith's Theory of the Novel "


Jack [node:field_people_middlename] Christ "History and Personality in the Autobiographies of Edward Gibbon, John Stuart Mill, John Henry Cardinal Newman, and Henry Adams"
Laura J Corwin "The Concept of the Self in the Novels of Jane Austen"
Lance [node:field_people_middlename] Schachterle "Dickens and the Serial Novel "
Mark [node:field_people_middlename] Siegchrist "Browning's Experiemnts in Dramatic Monologue After the Ring and the Book"


Geoggrey [node:field_people_middlename] Carter "Carlyle's Use of Metaphor in His Essays"
Stephen J. Spector "The Poetry of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the English Romantic Tradition"


Joseph [node:field_people_middlename] Solimine "Tennyson and the Tradition of Burke "