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Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten

Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


Terence [node:field_people_middlename] Freeman "The Resurgence of Satiric Laughing Comedy in 18th Century Afterpiece Drama"
Linda Veronika Troost "The Rise of English Comic Opera: 1762-1800"


Carol S. Shookhoff "Rewards and Punishments in the Eighteenth-Century English Novel "


Rose Ann [node:field_people_middlename] Cleveland Fraistat "Caroline Gordon as a Women of Letters"
Robert M. Markley "Etherage, Wycherley, and Congreve and the Language of Restoration Comedy"


Burney J. Hollis "These Low Grounds of Sorrow: The Life and Works of Waters Edward Turpin"


Ion P Zottos "Early Critics of Opera in England"


Jacob [node:field_people_middlename] Salomon "Pre-Twentieth Century Dramatic Burlesques of Shakespeare"


David L. Greene "A Study of the Plays of Sir John Vanbrugh"


Judith F. Hodgson "Human Beauty in Eighteenth-Century English Literature"
Daniel J. Lynch "The Theme of Imprisonment in Eighteenth Century Fiction"


Jonathan [node:field_people_middlename] Dietz "The Structure of Dramatic Satire in the Plays of George Farquar"


Paul R Doran "Swift and the Roman Catholics"


John J Perry "The Influence of the 'Literary Scot' on the Changing Diction of 18th Century English Prose"


Robert C. Bennett "Fielding and the Satiric Dance"
Howard [node:field_people_middlename] Koonce "Comic Values and Comic Form: The Restoration Comedy of Manners in Its Tradition"
Stanley W Lindberg "Johnsonian Irony from the Gentleman's Magazine to Rasselas"


John [node:field_people_middlename] Kay "Swift's Project for the Advacement of Religion and Its Background"


Henry J Dane "The Life and Works of Henry Carey"
Cynthia S Matlack "Abstract Dramatic Techniques in the Plays of William Wycherley"
John F Norton "A Critical Edition of The Pleasures of Imagination (1744) by Mark Akenside"


Herman Laurence Eisenlohr "The Development of Thoreau's Prose"
William H. Ingram "Greek Tragedy and the Augustan Stage: Dennis, Theobald, Thomson"
David E McKenty "The Benefit System in Augustan Drama"
Ralph R Thornton "The Wives Excuse by Thomas Southerne: A Critical Edition "


Alberta Gregg Barrett "Plot, Characterization, and Theme in the Plays of Aphra Behn"
Anthony James Eustace "Defoe's Many Voices"
Donald Bruce McKenzie "Parnassus Rejected: Dr. Samuel Johnson and the 18th Century Pastoral"
Theodore [node:field_people_middlename] Wood "Early Definitions of the Sublime "


Harold Willard Gleason "George Crabbe as a Satirist"
Wallace [node:field_people_middlename] Jackson "Immediacy: The Development of a Critical Concept from Addison to Colerdige"
John Morrissey LeRoy "The Erotic Pursuit: Changing Fashions in Eroticism in Early Eighteenth Century English Comic Drama "


Irma Spritz Lustig "Boswell's Portrait of Himself in "The Life of Samuel Johnson""
Manuel R. Schonhorn "Defoe's Sources and Narrative Method"
Andress [node:field_people_middlename] Taylor "A Critical Edition of Richard Rhodes' "Flora's Vagaries""


Lawrence Henry Conrad Jr "Theophilus Cibber on the London Stage: 1703-1758"
Carson [node:field_people_middlename] Gibb "Figurative Structure in Restoration Comedy"
James R Tinsley "A Study of the Techniques of Modern American Force "


Robert Hazen Hopkins "The Creative Genius of Oliver Goldsmith "


James Joseph Devlin "John Banks' "The Albion Queens." A Critical Edition"


David Mitsugi Ohara "The Comic Perspective in Restoration Drama "


Sven Eric Molin "John Wesley's Techniques in Revising Literary Masterpieces for His Methodist Audience"


Frederic E. Haun "The Libretti of the Restoration Opera in English: A Study in Theatrical Genres"
Sarah D. Jones "The Treatment of Religious and National Types in Late Eighteenth Century Drama"


George L Anderson "Charles Gildon's "The New Rehearsal, or Bays the Younger"


Raymond A Biswanger Jr "Thomas D'Urfey's "The Richmond Heiress: Or, A Woman Once in the Right" "
George E Blair "The Plays of the Romantic Poets"
Stanley Arnold Clayes "Richard Duke's Satires on the Popish Plot "
John Hale Sutherland "Robert Bage: A Study in the Novel of Ideas "


John Henry Freehafer "The Emergence of Sentimental Comedy, 1660-1707"
Donald Walker Sanville "Thomas D'Urfey's Love for Money, or the Boarding School: an Edition, with Introduction and Notes"


John Cadwalader "King Edward the Third, with the Fall of Mortimer, Earl of March, 1691 [by William Mountfort]. An Edition, with Introduction and Notes. A Dissertation"
Harry William Pedicord "Garrick's Audiences"