Workshop in the History of Material Texts About the Workshop The workshop in the History of Material Texts will celebrate its 22nd year in 2014-15. Participants (including faculty, librarians, graduate students, booksellers and anyone else interested) come from a very wide range of disciplines; all are welcome to attend. The usual format of the seminar is a presentation of approximately thirty minutes, followed by discussion, based if possible on handouts or other visual materials. Unless noted otherwise, meetings will be held on Mondays at 5:15 in the Class of '78 Pavilion, in the Kislak Center for Special Collections on the 6th floor of Van Pelt-Dietrich Library. If you would like to receive announcements about upcoming meetings, please sign up for our listserv using this link. For more information, please contact Marie Turner, 2014-15 Brizdle-Schoenberg Fellow in the History of Material Texts, at mturn at sas dot upenn dot edu.



Fall 2014: Coming soon!

Spring 2014 January 20: MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY January 27: Peter Stallybrass (Penn), “Epistolary Love: The Material and Formal Features of a Letter” February 3: Margaret Holben Ellis(Institute of Fine Arts, NYU/Morgan Library and Museum), “The Bionic Drawings Connoisseur or How Scientific Tools Can Enhance Looking.” February 10: John Bidwell (Morgan Library and Museum), “Matisse and Ulysses.” February 17: Alex Devine (Penn), "'Biblia integra'/ 'Biblia preciosa': Mapping the post-medieval provenance and transmission of thirteenth-century bibles.” February 24: Goran Proot (Folger Shakespeare Library), "The Importance of Jobbing: A Framework Agreement Between the Ghent Jesuits and the Printer Baudewijn Manilius for the Production of Theatre Programmes (1664)." March 3: Jeffrey Todd Knight (University of Washington), "Venus in Vellum: Christopher Marlowe’s Premodernity.” March 10: SPRING BREAK March 17, 18, 19: Ann Blair (Harvard University) delivers the 2014 A. S. W. Rosenbach Lectures in Bibliography. March 24: Theresa Fairbanks Harris (Yale University), “Paul Revere's Boston Massacre (1770). Historical and Technical Analysis.” March 31: Jay Grossman (Northwestern), “F.O. Matthiessen (1902-1950), Anthropometry, and the Long Nineteenth Century.” April 7: Theodor Dunkelgrun (Cambridge University/Katz Center), "The Amazing Adventures of a Twelfth-Century Hebrew Manuscript and its Readers Across Ten Centuries" April 14: Blair Hedges (Penn State), "Wormholes and the science of prints and books.” April 21: Michael F. Suarez, S.J. (Rare Book School, University of Virginia), "What Color Is Your Fish?": The Problems and Possibilities of Color in Some Eighteenth-Century Natural History Books" April 28: Joseph Hacker (Hebrew University), "Sephardi Culture : Book Collections and Jewish Book Owners in the Late Medieval Kingdom of Aragon" Fall 2013 Chase Richards (Penn), "Liberalism's Gaze of Progress? Wood Engraving and Nineteenth-Century German Publishing" Sept. 23: Dee Andrews (CSU-East Bay), “Tracing the Steps of Thomas Clarkson: The Abolitionist as Author in the Age of Wonder” Sept. 30: Daniel Raff (Penn), “What Became of Borders?” Oct. 7: Carlos Spoerhase (Humboldt-University, Berlin), “Printed as manuscript: The material history of a strange genre, 1760–1830” Oct. 14: Dan Traister (Penn) and Sam Streit (Brown), "Circulating a Copy of Thomas Gray’sPoems (1775) in 1775-1776" Oct. 21: Joel Fry (Bartram’s Garden), “The Bartram Library of Books” Oct. 28: Kyle Roberts (Loyola University Chicago), “Shelf-Marks as a Means for Reconstructing a Lost Library” Nov. 4: Julie Davis (Penn), “Printing the Pleasure District in Full Color: Collaboration and Context inThe Mirror of Yoshiwara Beauties, Compared” Nov. 11: William Noel and Dot Porter (Penn), “How to Disbind Every Book in the World” Nov. 18: Randall McLeod (University of Toronto), “The Birth of Italics” Nov. 25: Piet Van Boxel (Oxford/CAJS), “The Unicorn; Symbol of Power and Peace. A discussion of Ms. Can Or. 62 in the Bodleian Library (Oxford)” Dec. 2: Sarah C. Schuetze (Kentucky), “Noxious Letters: Smallpox and Correspondence in the American Revolution” Spring 2013 January 14: Michael Gamer (Penn English) "Re-collection's Intranquility" January 21: MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY, no seminar January 28: Peter Stallybrass (Penn English / Director, History of Material Texts) and Robbie Glen (independent scholar; Penn English Ph.D., 2007) "What is a Letter?" February 5 (TUESDAY): Luis Girón Negrón (Harvard University) and Andrés Enrique-Arias (Universitat de les Illes Balears) "Bible Translation and Exegesis in Late Medieval Spain: the 15th Century Arragel Codex" February 11: Dan Cheely (Penn History) "Catholic Bible Reading? Penn's Tridentine Vulgate (1605) and the Marginalia of Thomas Marwood" February 18: John Pollack (Penn Libraries) "A Canoa in Salamanca: Orality and the Representation of Native American Languages in Early American Texts" February 25: Roger Chartier (Collège de France / Penn History) "Materiality and Mobility of a Text: Bartolomé de Las Casas’ "Brevíssima Relación de la Destruycion de las Indias" between Sevilla, Antwerp and London" March 4: SPRING BREAK, no seminar March 11: Mitch Fraas (Penn Libraries) "Printing for Emphasis: The Legal Brief in the Anglo-American World 1600-present" March 18, 19, 21 (MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY): Rosenbach Lectures Paul Needham (Princeton University Libraries) "The First Quarter Century of European Printing" see