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Dalglish Chew Graduate Research Fund

The Dalglish Chew Graduate Research Fund is inactive as of 2017/09/27


The fund exists thanks to the generosity of Dalglish Chew (Penn/Wharton class of 2010) and his father, Ghim Bok Chew.

Dalglish writes: "My decision to make a gift to the College was an easy one. I am deeply grateful to my faculty mentors in the English department for the unwavering support and unfailing friendship I received during my undergraduate years, and which I continue to receive as an alumnus. Having begun my own graduate studies in English during a time when funding for the humanities is becoming increasingly scarce, it is my sincere hope that this gift will go some way toward supporting the humanistic endeavors of my graduate student colleagues at Penn."

Procedures for applying to the fund:

  • Each student may apply to the Dalglish Chew Fund only once each year.
  • The Dalglish Chew Fund Request Form and estimated budget must be completed and turned in to Elizabeth Lunger BEFORE the trip.
  • Students who have a compelling case for research expenses that exceed the limits above should make the case in a letter of application to the Graduate Chair.
  • After the trip, students must submit all itemized receipts via the Concur system.

Please note: reimbursements from the Dalglish Chew Fund will count toward the fiscal year in which you submit the receipts for the trip in question. For example, if you take a trip at the end of fiscal year 2016 but submit receipts in FY 2017, that trip will count as your disbursement from the Fund for fiscal year 2017. The fiscal year begins July 1 and ends June 30. Fiscal years bear the number of the calendar year in which they end (e.g., FY 2017 runs from July 1, 2016 thru June 30, 2017).