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Computing support for the English Department is provided by Brian Kirk and Rich King of SAS Computing.  They are located in Fisher-Bennett Hall, room 232

Please contact Brian Kirk for general computer requests.
phone: 215.898.6211

Please contact Rich King for classroom support requests and general computer requests.
phone: 215.746.3523

For more information about computing services and support in SAS, see the SAS Computing web site at



AirPennNet Wireless Internet

For instructions on setting up a laptop, tablet, or smart phone to AirPennNet, please click here.


Shared Copier Printing

For instructions on setting up a laptop to the 3rd floor printer, please click here.



The University of Pennsylvania uses Microsoft O365 as our email system.  To log-in using your web browser use this link:

Your user name is: (ex.

You will still send and receive email as or

To set your vacation message please log-in to the web portal (  Then click on Mail, click the gear at the top right, and then click automatic replies.  You can now set a start and end time for your vacation message, so you can set this up in advance if you’d like.

To reset your Penn O365 password click here:

For instructions on configuring your computer mail programs, smartphone, or tablet, click here:



To log into the UPenn Canvas site, see

You must manually request a Canvas site for each of your classes every semester.  Canvas course pages are not created automatically.  You can request that previous course pages be carried over so that you're not recreating the same content for each semester.  To request a Canvas course page be created, see




Class Email Listserves

Class lists are of the form

Where ENGL is the 4 letter abbreviation of the couse department

225 is the course number

001 is the course section

15A is the year/semester (A is spring, B is summer, C is fall)


These lists are created automatically about 2 weeks before the start of classes.  They pull email information from enrollment data.  "Official" email addresses are used - whatever is on file for instructors and students under the Penn Directory.  You can manually add members to the classlists by visiting the links below.

Setting up ClassLists   (Direct link to ClassList Service Request Menu)




Office telephones are by default configured to deliver voicemail messages as an attachment to your email.  You do not need to use the actual handset to access your voicemail.

You can setup call forwarding or messages using this link:



Recycling/donating old or used computer equipment

NTR (Nonprofit Technology Resources) is a charity on 15th and Brandywine that accepts donations of old hardware and fixes them up for worthy community causes.  This service is free.