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The English department is committed to offering sufficient courses to support all of the concentrations above. In order to provide consistent and varied offerings across numerous fields while also making it possible for some students to pursue studies in subject areas of less general interest, we offer the option of the individualized concentration. The rubric "individualized concentration" may include concentrations expressive of highly unusual or specialized student interests, or, a concentration forged out of offerings which, while not unusual in themselves, are in lower demand or are peripheral to curricular needs or current faculty teaching interests. There are, however, faculty in the English department ready to supervise a variety of individualized concentrations. Some which have received enthusiastic faculty support in the past are "Rhetoric"; "Classicism and Literature"; "Literature and Computing" and "Cultural Technologies"; and "Romanticism across the Discliplines," "The Enlightenment," and "Modernism across the Discliplines." Students interested in individualized concentrations should consult the Undergraduate Chair and their advisor. The Individualized concentration must include at least two advanced seminars.