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Major Checklist

If you're considering majoring or minoring in English, we invite you to meet with the Undergraduate Chair (Josephine Park) or Associate Undergraduate Chair (Deborah Burnham) during our walk-in hours. You can also email us for an appointment. We'll be happy to talk with you about the major, and we also encourage you to talk to the professors teaching your current English courses!

When we meet, we will help you choose from among the Standard Curriculum and the versions of the English major that emphasize Creative Writing and Cinema Studies. We'll also help you select a Faculty Advisor. (Remember that you can always change your emphasis or your advisor later if you wish.)

Once you've declared, we recommend that you begin by taking introductory or intermediate courses (English 017-096) that will fulfill your core requirements and provide you with a broad foundation for both creative writing courses (English 110-199) and advanced literature seminars (English 218-399). Most majors find it makes sense to begin with courses in early (Medieval or Renaissance) literatures and move forward; some, however, like to begin at the present and move back from there.

A semester or two later, majors adopting the Standard Curriculum should decide whether they wish to declare a Concentration. All majors should think about whether they will be applying to the Honors Program or for an Undergraduate Research Grant.

Finally, early in the senior year, meet with your Faculty Advisor to make sure you have fulfilled all the requirements of the major.

In addition, English majors should strive to do the following: