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ENGL 116.301
T 3-6

This course will look at the screenplay as both a literary text and blue-print for production.  Several clasic screenplay texts will be critically analyzed (i.e. REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, DOCTOR STRANGELOVE, PSYCHO, etc.)  Students will then embark on writing their own scripts.  We will intensively focus on: character enhancement, creating "believable" cinematic dialogue, plot development and story structure, conflict, pacing, dramatic foreshadowing, the element of surprise, text and subtest and visual story-telling.  Class attendance is mandatory.  Studetns will submit their works-in-progress to the workshop for discussion.  Students interested in the course should submit writing samples to M. Lapadula.  Department of English 119 Bennett Hall/6273.  Also include your name, SS#, undergraduate class or post-graduate status, and telephone number where you can be reached.  Permission from instructor only.

Note: Students who wish to major in English with a concentration in Creative Writing should contact Greg Djanikian immediately (djanikia@english). This course may be used as the "gateway" to the Creative Writing concentration (students must receive an "A" here and then be admitted formally into the concentration). More information about the creative writing option is available in the English Gopher: from the Undergraduate Program main menu, hit "MAJOR REQUIREMENTS" and then hit "You must declare a  CONCENTRATION".

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