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Modern, Modernist, Contemporary: Reading Poetry/Poetry Reading

ENGL 589.401
W 6-9

Weekly informal discussions focusing, mostly, on a poem or poet each week, each of which presents both a different set of obstacles to reading and, at the same time, suggests new or unexpected ways of reading. Reading list is tentative: starting with Poe's "Philosophy of Composition," a Dickinson fascicle or manuscript, Mallarme Un Coup de Des and "Crisis in Poetry," and Wilde's "Decay of Lying," and moving on to Stevens's "An Ordinary Evening in New Haven," Stein's Tender Buttons, Eliot's The Waste Land, Joyce's Finnegans Wakethen, as possible, to works by Paul Celan, Larry Eigner, Laura (Riding) Jackson, Marcel Duchamp, Susan Howe, George Oppen, Melvin Tolson, Charles Reznikoff, Lorinne Neidecker, and Harryette Mullen; and concluding with a look at works in the artists book collection at the Rare Book and Ms Collection and a consideration of current works of digital poetry. We will also discuss participants' own research projects related to poetry, poetics, and modernism. For updates on course information, go:

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