414A Bennett Hall/6273

Exts. 8-8525/4566

September 4, 1996

To: Faculty Members

From: Peshe C. Kuriloff

Re: Writing Advisor Program

As you may know, we now have a sizable group of trained undergraduate writing advisors available to help their peers with writing assignments. Their main office is in Writers House (38th St. and Locust Walk), but Writing Advisors also have office hours in the Quad and Van Pelt Library.

In general, writing advisors are available from 7:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M., Sunday through Thursday. They will review drafts with students and give advice about issues such as organization, argument, and clarity as well as point out mechanical problems.

We would like to make sure that all students have an opportunity to take advantage of this program. Would you please take responsibility for informing your students? We recommend that you have a writing advisor visit your class, so that the students have personal contact with someone they can then call for help. If you are willing to have someone visit, please return the form below.

If you have not affiliated your class with WATU but would like to provide support for your students, we can assign a writing advisor to your class. Please indicate below if you would like a writing advisor formally assigned to your class.

_____I would like to have a writing advisor visit my class.
Your Name:_______________________
Telephone Ext.:_____________Office Hours:______________
Name and Number of course:__________________________
Day(s) and Time(s) of Course Sessions:__________________
_____I am interested in having a writing advisor assigned to my course.

Please return this to Susan Burns, 414A Bennett Hall/6273 sburns@sas.

Research Writing course for International Graduate Students

January 14, 1997

This is a last-minute reminder to students in your department about the new for-credit course in research paper writing for international graduate students, GAS 610. If any of your graduate students are planning to take this course, they should have already registered, through Ms. Connie Sanders, 16 College Hall. (csanders@sas). Not everyone who has registered or expressed interest in the class was at the first class meeting on Monday morning, 8:00-9:00, room 321 Bennett Hall. Unless the cut-off number is reached at the second class (Wednesday Jan 15), the course will not take place this semester.

The over-all goals of the course are to improve writers' organization of content, use and citation of sources, and clarity of communication. The class is open to all graduate students in the University whose first language is not English. It meets three times a week (M-W- F, 8:00 a.m.--9:00 a.m.) for one hour, 42 hours of instruction in all. The course carries one credit unit, not counting towards degree requirements.

If you know of graduate students who intend to take this course but have not yet registered, please ask them to contact Ms. Sanders today, and to notify Dr. Julian of the English Language Programs (mjulian@sas; phone 215 898 8681), who will be making the decision about whether or not to run the course.

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