Rare Book School, University of Virginia, 14-18 July 1997--Course 16

Teaching the History of Books and Printing--SYLLABUS

Instructors: Michael Ryan, Daniel Traister

Monday, July 14

I. Introductions

II. The subject

III. Mapping the territory

For purely heuristic and argumentative purposes, we divide our map into two parts:

Tuesday, July 15

III, continued--perhaps with some discussion with G. THOMAS TANSELLE, the Monday night lecturer

IV. Considering the contexts of courses:

Wednesday, July 15

V. Resources available:

Thursday, July 17

VI. Discussion with PETER STALLYBRASS, the Wednesday night lecturer, about how and why current academics have come to an interest in this topic, and the sorts of projects their work involves

VII. Creating courses (I): what ingredients? and how they work together (or don't)

Friday, July 18

IX. Putting it all together: creating courses (III)

X. The future of THIS course

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