Movies related to the eighteenth century

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Here is . . . [a] list of movies about or somehow related to the eigh- teenth century. As one who is definitely not a movie buff, I can make no guarantees about the accuracy of this information, but I've tried to incorporate most of the information sent to me by others and I've added bits and pieces from our movie collection at Georgetown and from Halli- well's guide to movies. . . .

kathy temple
Adam Bede
Adventures of Baron Munchausen
All the Mornings of the World
Barry Lyndon
Beggar's Opera: 1954 Laurence Olivier; 1983 Roger Daltrey
Blackadder III
Casanova: 1976, Italy, Fellini, "curiously rarified spectacle"--Halliwell's Film Guide (hereafter HFG)
Cosi Fan tutte
Dangerous Liaisons
Danton: RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video, 1984, 1982 film by Gaumont-Film Polski, 150 minutes, based on the play "L'Affaire Danton" by Stanislawa Przybyszewska.
Don Giovanni
Draughtman's Contract: 1982, 108 minutes, Peter Greenaway "pleasantly unusual stylized puzzle film" (HFG)
Enigma of Casper Hauser: Herzog
Frankenstein: The True Story: 200 minute, made-for-tv, starring Michael Sarrazin
Frankenstein Unbound: John Hurt, Raul Julia
Gothic: Ken Russell, 1986, 90 minutes, "full of nauseous detail typical of its director" (HFG)
Great Garrick
Gulliver's Travels: Disney
Jacques le Fataliste
Jefferson in Paris
Joseph Andrews: 1977, 104 minutes, "woebegone attempt to restage Tom Jones" (HFG)
La Gazza Ladro
La Finta Giardiniera
La Clemenza di Tito
La Nuit de Varennes: Jean-Louis Barrault, Harvey Keitel
Le Neveu de Rameau
Madness of King George
Magic Flute: Bergman
Marat/Sade: 1966
Marie-Antoinette: 1989 Caroline Huppert
Napoleon, 1927, France, Abel Gance
Nun: available from Interama Video Classics, New York, 1990, 155 minutes, English subtitles
Orlando (one section)
Pride and Prejudice: Greer Garson/Laurence Olivier
Princess Caraboo
Que la fete commence: Bertrand Tavernier
Queen Margot, St. Bartholomew Massacre (Query: Is this one movie or two? I could not find it in my movie guide.)
Rake's Progress
Restoration: based on Rose Tremaine's novel
Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel: 1937, 94 minutes
Roads of Exile
Rob Roy
Salo ou les 120 jours: P. P. Pasolini
Scarlet Pimpernel: 1934 98 minutes
Sense and Sensibility: Emma Thompson
Tale of Two Cities: 1935, 121 minutes, bw, MGM, David O. Selznick
Three Musketeers: 1939 U.S. 73 minutes, bw, M.M. Musselman, William A. Drake; 1948 U.S. 125 minutes, color, Gene Kelly, Lana Turner
Threepenny Opera
Tom Jones: 1963
Valmont: 1989, France, (Based on the novel Les Liaison Dangereuses)
War and Peace: US/Italy 1956 208 minutes, Carolo Ponti/Kino de Laurentiis; USSR 1967, 507 minutes, "most magnificently spectacular battle scenes ever filmed . . . treat for the eyes" (HFG)

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