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Subject: Travel Bibliography


Early in 1994 I initiated a discussion on early modern travel on several electronic discussion lists. This bibliography is a result of suggestions that I received from the subsequent discussions and from my own research in the area of early modern English travel. I have restricted the bibliography to secondary works only - the primary sources available, especially in manuscript form, are so numerous that to include primary sources would make this bibliography too unwieldy (if I receive enough requests, however, I will consider making such a bibliography available). Because my own research work extends into the late medieval period, I have also included some of the more important sources on medieval travel.

I have attempted to confirm all bibliographical details of all the works cited - unfortunately, in some cases I have not been able to determine complete details.

Although this bibliography is reasonably extensive, any of the more recent works cited will contain added references.

I would like to thank all those contibutors to H-Albion and Ficino who participated in the discussions on early modern travel and gave me valuable references.

Comments and queries can be sent to me at ( April 1994.


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