Robert Montgomery Bird

Writer and Artist

An exhibition at the University of Pennsylvania

Kamin Exhibition Gallery, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library

February 2--April 1, 1996

Robert Montgomery Bird (1805/6-1854), a writer of considerable note, was a Penn graduate (Medicine, 1827), playwright, novelist, poet, and author of articles on travel, public affairs, and cultural issues. He was also an active journalist and literary editor.

The present exhibition opens up a different aspect of Dr. Bird's creative life, neither literary nor medical, and till now almost unknown: his art. Many sketches, drawings, and paintings survive in the care of Bird's family. The core of what we show on this occasion, they display a freshness and vivacity of vision clearly occasioned by Bird's genuine excitement in the landscape and figures he took such pleasure in depicting.

Dr. Robert Montgomery Bird's University is pleased by this occasion to mount an exhibition that shows how much remains, even at this late date, to be learned about his activities in fields he is not generally known to have explored.

The physical exhibition was located in the Kamin Exhibition Gallery on the first floor of the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library, University of Pennsylvania, located at 3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.

For further information, call 215 898 7552.


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