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The Portfolio

The portfolio is due by May 2nd at 4 p.m. in your section leader's mailbox at the Department of English at 3600 Market St., Suite 501A. You should also send a copy to Professor Gamer and your section leader via attachment. Make sure your name is on each document. We will acknowledge receipt of your portfolio.

Before handing in your portfolio, please use the Portfolio checklist, which gives you a checklist for cleaning up your prose. It'll help you to eliminate around 90% of the needless errors in your work that should under no circumstance be there. Again: this is your final work, and it should be immaculate.

The portfolio should contain the following:

    1) A list of contents, and a short note to your section leader and me regarding any instructions that you have--such as specific kinds of feedback you wish, etc. Please note that we plan to keep my feedback brief on these essays, since we will have four days to go through all 65 portfolios.

    2) Previous draft versions of essays that have been read and commented on.

    3) Final versions of all the assignments you have decided to revise for your portfolio.

    4) An addressed, adequately stamped envelope (large and sturdy enough to hold the contents of your portfolio) if you wish your portfolio to be returned to you. I recommend that cardboard Priority Mail envelope. Others will be recycled, since we're no longer allowed to keep the portfolios waiting for you to pick up.