English 12: "The Unspeakable":
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How To Get ResNet Schedules

Where You Can Watch ResNet Movies

Buildings Where You Can Watch Resnet in Your Room

If Your Dorm Does Not Have ResNet

Films for Course and Showtimes


Saturday, 9/7, 2pm
Sunday, 9/8, 8pm
Monday, 9/9, 6pm
Tuesday, 9/10, 4pm
Wednesday, 9/11, 10pm

Bram Stoker's Dracula:

Thursday, 9/12, 2pm
Friday, 9/13, 4pm
Saturday, 9/14, 6pm
Sunday, 9/15, 8pm
Monday, 9/16, 10pm

Frankenstein (1931):

Thursday, 9/26, 2pm
Friday, 9/27, 4pm
Saturday, 9/28, 6pm
Sunday, 9/29, 8pm
Monday, 9/30, 10pm

Blade Runner

Tuesday, 10/1, 8pm
Wednesday, 10/2, 10:15pm
Thursday, 10/3, 6pm
Friday, 10/4, noon
Saturday, 10/5, 10am

Bride of Frankenstein

Thursday, 10/3, 2pm
Friday, 10/4, 4pm
Saturday, 10/5, 6pm
Sunday, 10/6, 8pm
Monday, 10/7, 10pm

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Sunday, 10/13, 4pm
Monday, 10/14, 8pm
Tuesday, 10/15, 10:30pm
Wednesday, 10/16, 6pm
Thursday, 10/17, midnight

The Princess Bride

Thursday, 10/24, 2pm
Friday, 10/25, 4pm
Saturday, 10/26, 6pm
Sunday, 10/27, 8pm
Monday, 10/28, 10pm

The Piano

Friday, 11/1, 2pm
Saturday, 11/2, 4pm
Sunday, 11/3, 8pm
Monday, 11/4, 6pm
Tuesday, 11/5, 10pm

Pulp Fiction

Friday, 11/8, 8pm
Saturday, 11/9, 10pm
Sunday, 11/10, 6pm
Monday, 11/11, 4pm
Tuesday, 11/12, 2pm

Getting ResNet Movie Channel schedules:

Complete monthly schedules are available at the turn of each month:

Daily schedules run continuously on the Video Bulletin Board (ch 2); daily prime time schedules will be listed in the TV grid of the Daily Pennsylvanian

Where ResNet Shows

Buildings in which ResNet is available in each student room:

Effectively, this covers all residential areas except the non-Ware part of the Quad. As the bulk of your first-year students will undoubtedly be first-year students, many of them will (alas!) be living in non-ResNet areas of the Quad.

Suggestions for students living in non-ResNet areas:

These locations may very well have individual procedures for accessing/reserving public TVs. Some of the residence halls might be a bit more "proprietary" about non-residents using lounges, as well. I've tried to indicate what I know about each place, but these things have a way of changing with new staff, so it's probably a good idea to check these things out prior to trying to view a movie. Any of your students may give me a call (8-4336) if they need assistance in figuring out who to talk to for a specific area.