English 801: Pedagogy

Syllabus for the pedagogy portion of English 101: Jane Austen and Popular Culture.

Michael Gamer, Kate Bennett, Joe Drury, Jeff Edwards, Benjy Kahan, Ciara Kehoe.


Time:         Let's meet Wednesday mornings at 9:30 a.m. in room M-20 of Hamilton College House, 3901 Locust Walk.


Jan 14:      Opening meeting. Reading: first four chapters of James Naremore, ed., Film Adaptation and Tim Corrigan, A Short Guide to Writing about Film. Allocating tasks, discussing discussion, allocating assignments.

Jan 21:      Discuss Northanger Abbey. Reading: Marilyn Butler's chapter in Jane Austen and the War of Ideas, Claudia Johnson's in Jane Austen: Women, Politics, and the Novel, and William Galperin's in The Historical Austen.

Jan 28:      Discuss Jane and the Man of the Cloth. Reading: Deidre Lynch's introduction and Mary Ann O'Farrell's "Jane Austen's Friendship" in Janeites: Austen's Disciples and Devotees.

Feb 4:        Myra Lotto and Jared Richman come to talk about the writing program. Reading: H. Elisabeth Ellington, "'A Correct Taste in Landscape': Pemberley as Fetish and Commodity," in Jane Austen in Hollywood; and Deidre Lynch, The Economy of Character: Novels, Market Culture, and the Business of Inner Meaning (1997), introduction and chapters 3 and 5.

Feb 11:     Reading: Ellen Bolton, "Reimagining Jane Austen: the 1940 and 1995 film versions of Pride and Prejudice," from Jane Austen on Screen (2003). Please also read Butler, Johnson, and Galperin on Mansfield Park.

Feb 18:     Reading: Gamer and Cox, "Introduction" to the Broadview Anthology of Romantic Drama and Lover's Vows. Also: Syndy McMillen Conger, "Reading Lovers' Vows:  Jane Austen's Reflections on English Sense and German Sensibility," Studies in Philology 84:1 (Winter 1988) 92-113; and Roger Gard, Gaylene Preston, and Kate Bowles, "Short 'Takes' on Austen: summarizing the controversy between literary purists and film enthusiasts," in Jane Austen on Screen (2003).

Feb 25:     No reading for today except the two essays Claudia Johnson will provide for the workshop that afternoon. The workshop will be held from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Details to follow. Let us reserve our 9:30 a.m. meeting time for any business we might need to conduct.

Mar 3:       Reading: Peter Elbow, "The War between Reading and Writing –And How to End It," Rhetoric Review 12 (fall 1993): 5-24. We will need to arrange a date where we can get together and read some of the mid-semester essays together. I would suggest Saturday morning, March 6th.

Mar 10:     Spring Break. If possible, at some point during this week we should meet to grade a number of essays together.

Mar 17:     Reading: Hilary Schor, "Emma, Interrupted: speaking Jane Austen in fiction," from Jane Austen on Screen (2003); Lesley Stern, "Emma in Los Angeles: Remaking the Book and the City," in Film Adaptation. 

Mar 24: Butler, Johnson, and Galperin on Emma.

Mar 31:     Paulette Richards, "Regency Romance Shadowing in the Visual  Motifs of Roger Mitchell's Persuasion," and Tara Ghoshall Wallace, "Filming Romance: Persuasion." Both are in Jane Austen on Screen (2003). 

April 7:     Butler, Johnson, and Galperin on Persuasion.

April 14, 21, 28, and May 5: No reading. We will meet each week to discuss how the business of the class is going.