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The Final Exam (5/3, 11 a.m.)

The format will be fairly simple. It will be open book and open note, but no electronic or human aid permitted.

It will consist of 9 movie clips and 15 passages that we have covered in class.

We'll take approximately 50 minutes on the movie clips and 70 minutes on the passages.

For the movie clips, you'll be asked to identify the film (1 pt.), describe the context (2 pts), and explain what about the clip is significant within the concerns of our course (7 pts). Total: 90 points.

For the 15 passages, you'll be asked to identify author and text (1 pt.), context of passage (i.e., who is speaking and what's happening in the plot, as in "This is the point where Fanny Price is at the Crawfords and expostulating on Nature"; 2 pts.), and significance of passage (i.e., your close reading of passage and explanation of what the passage is about and why it's on the exam, etc.; 3 pts.). Total: 90 points.

So, there will be a total of 180 points. I will take the fourth highest grade and make it equal to 100%, and scale down from there. So, if the fourth-highest grade is 180, then an A- (90%) will cut off at 162 pts., a B- (80%) at 144 pts., etc.