How to Post Your Paper via Email

You can write your short papers in the usual fashion on a word processor, saving to a diskette so that you have a transportable copy.

There are basically two different ways to put your file into an email message. The first way, called uploading, depends on the kind of communications software you have. Uploading, or moving a file from a personal computer up onto a big central workstation (such as or dept.english), is necessary for long files, but is not necessary for the short papers you are writing for English 571. If you want to know about uploading, check the english-help FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for basic info, and send any further questions to english-help@english.

The other way to put your file into an email message, is simply to block and paste it. This will work with any properly set-up Mac or Windows machine. While you have the paper up on the screen in your word processor, block the entire text, and choose "copy" from the edit options. This loads the paper into a buffer or clipboard, and you can now paste it into an email message. Change to the email window, go into your mail, and start a new message, either to the listserver or (if it's not an asterisked paper) to me. Now choose "paste" from the edit options, and the file will be written into the message. Wait for it to finish writing, then send the message.

You may encounter problems when you try to do this from your home machine. If so, send a message to english-help@english, detailing what you are doing and what is going wrong. But from the machines on campus, this procedure should work fine. And as long as you have the paper on a diskette, you can ask someone in any of the campus computer labs, or in Bennett 310, to give you a hand. It only takes a minute.