Schedule of Short Papers

An asterisk after a name means that this student will be submitting the paper to the listserver by Monday evening before class.

If you see your name in the wrong place, let me know.


Marx		Brendan Cahill*
Levi Strauss	Janine Mileaf*, Tom Haigh
Irigaray	Aselda Thompson*, Sofia Perrino, Sean McDaniel, 
			Seiko Yoshinaga


Kant		Manuel Camblor*, Justin Ginnetti
Bourdieu #1	Claire Goldstein,* David Jarman, Katherine Lee
Bourdieu #2	Lana Schwebel,* Horace Breece, Chloe Hogg


Marx		David Jarman*, Sean McDaniel, Tonhu Hoang
Althusser	Umberto Taccheri*, Michael Barsanti, Carolyn Keen, 
			Brendan Cahill, Jonathan Eburne

OCT 11

Gramsci		Sofia Perrino*, Chloe Hogg, Joanne Epstein, 
                 	Gabriella Romani
Fanon		Lynne Lipkind*, Mytili Jagannathan, Erika Williams,
			Jennifer Patterson, Claire Goldstein

OCT 17

Aristotle	Cheryl Williams, Manuel Camblor
Eichenbaum	Tom Haigh*, Yoonmee Chang
Wimsatt and 
Beardsley	Ilana Blumberg, Chloe Hogg

OCT 24

Saussure	Lan Schwebel*, Tonhu Hoang
Barthes		Janine Mileaf, Carolyn Keen, Gabriella Romani, 
			Umberto Taccheri
Derrida		Justin Ginnetti*, Sven-Erik Rose, Erika Williams

NOV 1	

Mulvey		Katherine Lee*, Cheryl Williams*, Jon Eburne
Freud		Janine Mileaf*, Sven-Erik Rose, Lynne Lipkind
Lacan		Michael Barsanti*, Yoonmee Chang, Sofia Perrino


Irigaray	Claire Goldstein*, Mytili Jagannathan, Ilana Blumberg,
			Gabriella Romani
Rubin		Jennifer Patterson, Katherine Lee, Aselda Thompson
Haraway		Carolyn Keen*, David Jarman, Seiko Yoshinaga
			Tom Haigh

NOV 15

Abelove		Horace Breece,* Lyyne Lipkind, Lana Schwebel
Sedgwick	Mytili Jagannathan*, Chloe Hogg
Dollimore	Joanne Epstein*

NOV 29

Said		Seiko Yoshinaga*, Jonathan Eburne*
Spivak		Jennifer Patterson*, Horace Breece, Brendan Cahill
Anzaldua	Sean McDaniel*, Cheryl Williams*, Joanne Epstein
Chow		Yoonmee Chang*


Fanon           Gabriella Romani*, Tonhu Hoang*, Manuel Camblor,
                        Justin Ginnetti
Bhabha          Erika Willliams*, Michael Barsanti