ACADEMIC POSITIONS



2002-Present   Associate Undergraduate Chair, Department of English,

                        University of Pennsylvania


1984-2002   Director, English Writing Program, Department of English,

         University of Pennsylvania


2000-2001      Senior Fulbright Lecturer, Osaka University, Japan


1990-1991     Senior Fulbright Lecturer, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey


1979-1984     Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania


1977-1979         Senior Fulbright Lecturer, Mohamed V University, Morocco


 1971-77         Assistant Professor, Department of English, Colorado State University







University of Michigan, Ph.D     1971

Johns Hopkins, MAT    1967

Hamilton College, BA    1967 





                                    RECENT PUBLICATIONS 




Writing the Journey: Essays, Stories, and Poems on Travel.  (Pearson Longman:

            New York, 2005)  436 pp.   http://www.ablongman.com/catalog/ 







“Americans in Vietnam: Travel Writing and War,” Studies in Travel Writing,

            (8:1), September, 2004, 141-178.


Studies in Eighteenth-Century Travel Writing and Beyond: Genre, Science, and the Book Trade,” Age of Johnson: A Scholarly Annual, 2004; 15: 367-79


"Remembering Paul Bowles" May 2002 issue of Peace Corps Writers Online

Journal   http://peacecorpswriters.org/


“Childhood and Travel Literature,” Travel Culture , ed. Carol Williams (New York: Praeger, 1998)


"Sound Effects and the Fiction of Paul Bowles" The Journal of American Culture

and Literature (15th Anniversary Issue) SUNY Buffalo and Hacettepe University, 1997, 1-8.


"Multiculturalism and Humor" Journal of American Studies in Turkey, 2, Fall, 1995, 3-12)


"John McPhee as Travel Writer" In Temperamental Journeys: Essays on the

Modern Literature of Travel, ed. Michael Kowaleski (Univ. Of Georgia Press, 1992), 164-175






                                    RECENT CONFERENCE PAPERS


“Sound and Gothic Nihilism in the Fiction of Paul Bowles  Biennial Convention of the International             Gothic Association”  Montreal, August, 2005


“The Migrations of Richard Wright”   International Conference on Migration, Aegean University, Izmir, Turkey   May, 2005


“Teaching London  North American Conference on British Studies, Philadelphia, October, 2004


“Lost in the Jungles of Travel Literature: The Anthology as Map,  Biennial Conference of the International Society for Travel Writing,” Milwaukee, October, 2004 


“Looking for Japan,” Biennial Conference of the International Society for Travel Writing, Cleveland,  October,  2002


            "The Image of Japan in Contemporary English and American Travel Writing," Nara Women's University, Nara , Japan,  (May, 2001) and the Japanese Society for English Literary Study, Tokyo  (June, 2001)


            "Americans in Vietnam: War Writing and Travel Writing"  Fulbright Lecture at Hanoi, Hue, and Ho Chi Minh Universities, Vietnam (March, 2001) and Hiroshima University, Japan  (April, 2001)


            "Hemingway and Orwell"   Keynote address at English Language and Literature Association of Korea, Annual Conference, Kjongju (February ,2001)  Lecture at The American Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Beijing (March, 2001).  Japanese Association of American Studies Conference, Nagoya, Japan (May, 2001)


“Paul Bowles as Travel Writer  Seuils et Traverses Conference II, Universite de Bretagne Occidental, Brest, France, 2000


            "Paul Fussell's Abroad and the Scholarship of Contemporary Travel," Conference on Travel Writing, University of Pennsylvania, June 1999


“The Past and the Palimpsest: Turkey in Travel Writing,  (Keynote)  British Council/USIS Conference at Aegean University, Izmir, Turkey, May, 1998


            "See Mexico and Die: Mary Morris and the Ghosts of Travel," Conference on Popular Culture,” Universidad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico, March, 1998


"Paul Theroux and the Peace Corps" Conference on Travel Writing, University of Minnesota, November, 1997


"Imitation and the Teaching of Writing" Annual Conference on College Composition and Communication, Phoenix, Arizona, March, 1997


"Imitative Writing and the Literature-Composition Gap" Thomas Watson Conference on Rhetoric, University of Louisville, October, 1996


"Vietnam and the American Indians" Popular Culture Association Conference, New Orleans, 1993 (Published in The Journal of American Literature and Culture, Hacettepe/SUNY Buffalo, 1994)



Professional Associations


    Vice President, International Society for Travel Writing, (ISTW) 2000-Present


    Chair, MLA Discussion Group on Travel Literature, MLA Convention, San Diego, 2003


    Director, ISTW Conference at University of Pennsylvania, June, 1999 Conference Program on-line at <http://www.english.upenn.edu/Conferences/Travel99>






    Graduate Committee, Department of English, University of Pennsylvania, 1984-2002


    Undergraduate Committee, Department of English, University of Pennsylvania, 1984-Present


    Penn Summer-in-London Program  2004, 2003, 2001, 1996 (Director), 1992  (Director), 1987 (Director)


    College Board Review Committee, SAT English Composition Test, 1986-1988










                                    RECENT COURSES TAUGHT


            English 800     Pedagogy: Composition and Literature

            English 485     British and American Travel Writing

            English  360    A Modernist Tour of the Mediterranean

            English 292     Hollywood and the Novel

            English  286    American Travel Literature

            English 286     Vietnam: The American War and Travel Literature

            English 286     Journalism and Literature

            English 275     Orwell and Hemingway

            English 265     Literature and Empire

            English 260     The Seductions of Empire

            English 135     Creative Non-Fiction

            English 103     American Short Story

            English 84       Modern American Literature

            English 68       Penn in London, Theatre

            English 67       London in Literature

            English 61       Modern British Literature

            English 40       British Poetry, 1660-Present

            English 2         The Journey in Literature