English 205/505


This is a reference point for materials on Standard Generalized Markup Language: its value, its ongoing development, its problems. First, you might want to look at the SGML Web Page: No. 2 of the Table of Contents (also note 13b on TEI); and from there venture to the NCSA SGML Page, particularly the section, "When to Put Full SGML onto the Web. For reference to the TEI Guidelines, click here.

The Brown University Women Writers Project, because of its pioneering role in textbase encoding, has been on the front lines of of SGML development. If you review the following documents, you will see that process in action.

1. Women Writers Project: Renovation History.

2. Women Writers Project: TEI Headers.

3. Women Writers Project: TEI Headers--Problems.

Syd Bauman, the chief programmer for the WWP, last year prepared a critique of the TEI guidelines for Tables of Contents, which offers a fascinating glimpse of the minutiae of detail that must be taken into account in SGML encoding.

4. Women Writers Project: Table of Contents (TOC): Tagging Problems.

5. Women Writers Project: Tables of Contents--Introduction and Guidelines (below).