My search stemmed from the conversation in class on Thursday regarding Ann Batten Cristall and the fact that she was a Blake protegé. During class, the name Dumas came to mind. That's Alexandre Dumas of The Three Musketeers' fame --right??? I wanted to find out about the author and what he had written. I also wanted to find out who may have influenced his writting. Since I wasn't sure what century Dumas may have written, I first searched FRANKLIN. I did an AUTHOR search on the DUMAS, ALEXANDRE. I found the following about his date of birth/death:
Dumas, Alexandre, 1824-1895
Although ESTC only contains items published between 1473 and 1800, I still persued the database to look for connections based on the title of some of Dumas's works. For example, Camille, or, The Fate of the Coquette [1856 --adapted from the French of Alexandre Dumas as performed at American theatres] struck my fancy as an interesting place to start my search.

**an aside**

I had already searched on The Three Musketeers to no avail. (???)


I searched FIN IW DUMAS and got --None in ESTC.

I searched FIN PN DUMAS and got --2 records. One listed an Alexandre, Dumas and his date of birth/death as 1726?-1802. ???

The other records listed a Mathieu Dumas. Clearly, it was the first record that I wanted --or was it? FRANKLIN listed a Dumas, Alexandre in the 19th c. and ESTC listed a Dumas, Alexandre in the 18th c. Now I am a little confused. REMEMBER, I don't know anything about this author --like when he was born, died, etc., but I continued.

The first record contained a reference of a discourse by Alexandre Dumas that was printed by Samuel Neilson [1792]. I searched PN Samuel Neilson and got 2 records. A search on FIN IW Samuel Neilson [1761-1803] produced 15 records and showed that he published a report of the second trial of the proprietors of the Northern Star. I then searched Northern Star and a number of other references that led me away from connections to Dumas.

Any connections that I thought I was making, I couldn't be sure if they were grounded or just my imaginary, yet reasonable assumptions.

What this exercise did was make me even more curious. Who is Dumas, Alexandre?