I'm interested in the printer Christopher Barker for a few reasons. Not only is Barker the "printer to the queenes maiestie" from the mid-1570's to the end of the century, but his patron is Sir Francis Walsingham, principal secretary of state during the '70's and '80's. Barker is also (and relatedly) one of the most important printers of religious documents in the period (he had a monopoly on the production of Geneva Bibles in the period, for instance).

Barker's publications, as some of his imprints state, are printed "in Paules Churchyard at the signe of the Tygers head." The tiger's head is Walsingham's device, and I thought it would be interesting to find out who else included a reference to the "Tygers head" in their imprint. Of course, Walsingham could have been involved in the patronage of any number of printing ventures which do not refer to his device in their imprint, but anyone citing the "Tygers head" would be advertising a connection with Walsingham.

Using iw tiger#, I found only five entries from 1560-1600, all in the 1580's. These are all religious documents--4 collections of sermons and the Heidelberg Catechism--printed by four different printers--Thomas Dawson, Joseph Barnes, Thomas East, and Robert Waldegrave. Each of the imprints states that the printing was "for Tobie Cooke."

Under iw tyger#, I found nine (non-Christopher Barker) entries, again all in the 1580's. Again these are all religious documents--sermons, catechisms, anti-papist pamphlets--produced by various printers--Joseph Barnes, John Windal, and Thomas Dawson--for Tobie Cooke.

Now I just have to find out who Tobie Cooke was.

I also thought it would be interesting to find out how many different printers claimed to be "printer to the queenes maiestie" during Elizabeth's reign.

All entries that come up using iw queen# are variations on the "printer to the queenes maiesties" theme. These variations include:

3 entries in 1559--printed either by "Richard Jugge", or "Richard Jugge and John Cawood"

43 entries in 156#--printed either by Jugge, Cawood, or Jugge and Cawood

90 entries in 157#--printed either by Jugge, Cawood, or Barker

120 entries in 158#--all printed by Barker except one item printed by Jugge's widow

116 entries in 159#--printed either by Christopher Barker or Robert Barker

39 entries from 1600-03 all printed by Robert Barker

One last interesting fact is that Christopher Barker's imprints never include both "printer to the queenes maiestie" and a reference to Walsingham's "Tygers head."