English 30: Introduction to Renaissance Studies

Fall 1995
Professor Rebecca Bushnell

RLIN Exercise

Due: Tuesday, October 3.

"Eureka" is the Research Libraries Group's on-line information service. It allows you to search the RLG's RLIN (Research Library Information Network) bibliographic database of over 22 million texts held in over 50 research libraries, the Library of Congress and the British Library. On RLIN, but outside of Eureka's search method, you can also find an on-line listing of the Short Title Catalog (see STC exercise), in the ESTC database: This database is, alas, incomplete, and tricky to search.

This exercise with Eureka will give you some experience in using RLIN, which is handy if you are looking for books, etc. that are not in our library. There is a little pamphlet with more information on Eureka available at the library.

Eureka allows you to search for title, author, or subject, either using a "browse" function or a "find" one. Use browse if you know how a name, tile or subject heading begins; use "find" for an exact name, title or subject. If you use "find," end your entry with a "?".

  1. Each person will be assigned a task from the following list:

    1. The earliest edition of Amelia Lanyer
    2. A nineteenth century edition of Marlowe's Doctor Faustus
    3. The most recent edition of Stow's Survey of London
    4. A nineteenth century edition of The Revenger's Tragedy
    5. A nineteenth century edition of A Chaste Maid in Cheapside
    6. The earliest edition of Sidney's Astrophel and Stella
    7. The earliest edition of Marvell's poems
    8. The earliest edition of Herrick's Hesperides

  2. Call up RLIN. [ Call up RLIN now. NOTE: You will be asked for your social security number.] (You can also access RLIN through the English Department's Homepage under "Literary Resources on WWW" or on PennLIN through the Library Web page/gopher.)

  3. Find your assigned texts (note: try "browse," "find," and author or title searches, and limiters to see what produces the most efficient -- but also most complete -- information. Find out where this texts can be located.

  4. Print out/write down your finding and hand in.

This exercise will not be graded, but you do need to hand it in, or you will get an incomplete.

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