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Robert M. Lumiansky

Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


James M. Gibson "The Literary and Musical Development of the Sheperds Play in Medieval Liturgy and the Middle English Mystery Play "


Stephen F. Lappert "The Sowdon of Babylon: A Critical Edition"


Kevin J. Harty "The Eschatology of the Chester Cycle "


Carolyn [node:field_people_middlename] Craft "The Context of Human Freedom from Geoffrey of Monmouth to Malory"
Peter [node:field_people_middlename] Nicholson "The Literary Relations of Chaucer's Shipman's Tale"
Georgianna [node:field_people_middlename] Ziegler "Queen Guinevere: Study of her Character in English and French Medieval Literature"


Gail [node:field_people_middlename] Bickford "An Edition of the Middle English Metrical Romance, The Seege of Troye"
Philip [node:field_people_middlename] McCaffrey "An Examination of The Chester Mystery Cycle "
Stephen [node:field_people_middlename] Spangehl "An Edition of the Alliterative Morte Arthure, with Textual Notes and Glossary"


Kathryn [node:field_people_middlename] Hume "The Owl and the Nightingale: Its Traditions and Art"


Henry W Matalene III "A Conjecture Concerning Dramatic Presentation: With New Readings of Etherege's The Man of Mode and Cibber's The Careless Husband"


Paul [node:field_people_middlename] Hissiger "An Edition of Le Morte Arthur "
Elizabeth [node:field_people_middlename] Sklar "England's Arthur: A Study of the Middle English Poem"


Sister Marian Wm. Hoben "John Gower's Confessio Amantis: A History of the Criticism and a Critical Analysis"
Elizabeth [node:field_people_middlename] Turner Pochoda "Sir Thomas Malory's Thematic Use of Medieval Theories of Government and History "