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Poetry & Poetics

The Poetry & Poetics Reading Group meets roughly once a month in locations around campus. This flexible event series and discussion group focuses especially on twentieth and twenty-first century poetry and contemporary critical work in English. We are open to the public and encourage interdisciplinary conversation between poetry and poetics, new media, cinema studies, the sciences, and the arts. Our group is grounded in the English Department at the University of Pennsylvania, but extends into a larger community of poets, critics, and scholars engaged with contemporary poetics in Philadelphia and elsewhere.

To join, email Knar Gavin, To request additional information, contact Amber Rose Johnson,, or Davy Knittle,

Upcoming Events 

Fall 2018

10/1, 6:30pm, Renee Gladman, a discussion of selected readings

10/16, 5pm, Alexis Pauline-Gumbs, a discussion of selected readings

10/18, 10am-5pm, New Disability Poetics Symposium

11/8, 6pm, Eric Schmaltz, poetry reading combined with a discussion of Surfaces

11/15, 12pm, Jennifer Scappettone, lunch

Spring 2019

1/30, 5pm, Davis Knittle, WIP

2/11, 6pm, Keegan Finberg, WIP

Black/Experimental/Poetic, time/location TBD

Past Events

Spring 2017

03/14, 10am, Orchid Tierney, WIP

04/04, 6pm, Laynie Browne and Pattie McCarthy (Room 222)

04/27, 3pm, erica kaufman (with Gen/Sex)

Fall 2016 Schedule

10/26, 6:30pm, Li Zhimin and Gregory Laynor

11/16, 6:30m, Sarah Arkebauer and Andrew Dieck

12/07, 6:30pm, Trapeta B. Mayson and Andrew Brenza

Spring 2016 Schedule

03/23, 6:30pm, Raquel Salas-Rivera and Oki Sogumi

04/21, 6:30pm, Alex Smith and Levi Bentley 

05/12, 1:30pm, Joshua Schuster 

Fall 2015 Schedule

09/1, 6:30pm Kristen Gallagher and Ariel Resnikoff  

10/13, 7pm, Paolo Javier and Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach

11/5, 12pm, Ashley Chang, WIP

12/11, 6:30pm, Michael Leong and Amy Catanzano



Upcoming Events