Blog Away!
submitted by Max Cavitch (University of Pennsylvania) on Tue, 2010-10-12 11:48

As the call for papers notes, this special issue of Victorian Poetry is designed to further expand and complicate the already brilliantly revitalized field of 19th-century historical poetics.  The invitation to go beyond the Anglo-American binary certainly does not mean to leave it behind, as if we were done with it, but rather better to deconstruct it—by attending more closely to other ways of conceiving of the worlds of 19th-century English-language poetry.  There have already been some important recent efforts along these lines, including Sheshalatha Reddy’s “The Cosmopolitan Nationalism of Sarojini Naidu, Nightingale of India” (Victorian Literature and Culture 38.2 [2010]); Aamir Mufti’s “Orientalism and the Institution of World Literatures” (Critical Inquiry 36 [2010]); Suddhaseel Sen’s “The Art Song and Tagore: Settings by Western Composers” (University of Toronto Quarterly 77.4 [2008]); and Andrew Elfenbein’s Romanticism and the Rise of English (Stanford 2009).  It’s also time to revisit earlier work such as Michael Echeruo’s Victorian Lagos (Macmillan 1977).

Contributors to this blog—whether or not they are potential contributors to the VP special issue—are warmly invited to comment on and help expand this growing critical bibliography.  The briefest and most informal comments are just as welcome as more sustained critique and meditation.  What are the questions you want to pose?  Who are the authors ripe for reconsideration?

In my next posting, I’ll offer up some questions and some authors I’d like us to pursue, with the hope that others will do the same.